Hey there! I’m Marilia, welcome to Wheels & Wills.

Ok. This started a few years ago. My partner had a cycling bug. He’s got a couple of Ironman under the belt and kindly bought me a bike so he could introduce me to the cycling world. A beautiful white Boardman road bike, which sat in the garage for a while. I just didn’t get the bug he was expecting from me.

Months after the break up, that made me devastated for quite long time, I decided to jump back on that bike and sweat some feelings out around Richmond Park (yes, I was very lucky to live next to one of the biggest in-city parks in the world!).

Then I have not only discovered the padded shorts, the clip-in shoes and the energy gels. I have also discovered that by spinning my legs my mind was totally immersed in that present moment. And my soul was connecting with the wild nature from the park, like an Avatar making bound with the animals and plants.

Now, I say I am a complete addicted to endorphin in my veins originate by the physical spin of the legs and by the psychological wander of the mind.

So that’s me: a passionate cycling girl, a beginning writer (blogging is a new thing for me), a woman discovering life and wills on two wheels.

Oh, and I’m rather obsessed with meeting new people and exploring new places too! Just as cycling, I’ve discovered they help body and your soul to feel amazing!

So let’s get adventurous together! Climb on your bike, get outdoors and…smile! I invite to allow yourself to come on this journey with me and we are about to set off!