Nothing happens by chance…

Nothing happens by chance… 

We have heard of this many times before but actually only realise it’s truth when situation gets our attention. Especially when Involves emotional interaction with other people, like in relationships…which is always a touchy area for most of us. Regardless still being with our partners or not, they all came to our lives for a reason.  

It’s easier to stay in our comfort zones and not get involved at all. 

It’s easier to not to fall in love and tuck in deep the fears and bad patterns we might have about our love life. 

When we put ourselves out there and open our hearts to a new relationship, we not only learn how to compromise but also learn on releasing the control button. Our partners reflect us back behaviours and situations that trigger our deepest fears.

Our lovers are our mirrors!

Fears are not totally bad for us…they are there to protect us…but they cannot stop us from going forwards in life and that is the greatest things from having a relationship: to discover the fine line of having fears and challenge them.

Learn about us on others’ perspective is just so incredible that it makes me wish for more situations where I get to know myself more. An old pattern might always be there but now I can soften it, I can understand it and embrace my fear rather than suppress the opportunity as if it’s to say that “I’m not going to change anyway”. No! We do have our personalities but we can understand and be kind to others and especially to ourselves. This is part of life.  

Life is a school. A school that show us in every relationship we might dive into that nothing happens by chance. And I don’t want to miss the opportunity to learn about myself and fall in love at same the time…


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