Holiday blues

Back at work after a week away in Portugal. I have been questioning how I want to run my life since I got to Lisbon. So funny how travelling makes us think in a different way. I guess it’s because we get out of our comfort zone as we pay attention to everything and everyone with double concentration we normally use in our daily life. We pay attention to the number of stops until we get to the desired tube station, we pay attention to the people sat next to us in case they stroke a conversation with us in their language. We become fully present in the moment. Total mindfulness. 

The interaction with people and places is so intense that we become another person: we take more risks, strike up conversation with strangers, try food we haven’t tasted before. 

Then I question myself: why do we need to go away to be completely mindful? Why can we not transform our lives in an eternal holidays with different experiences every single day? Sure they don’t need to be major, just a simple different road on the way back home or a chat with the barista that is serving our usual morning coffee. 

Maybe that’s the reason why we always have holiday blues when we come back to our routines after getaways. We tend to associate our lives to something dull and boring because in fact we got used to do things in autopilot mode. Nothing is new anymore and we keep complaining about all being as always…the famous answer when someone asks how we are doing and we say: “same old, same old”. 

Becoming a different person after holidays  could also be applied on a start of a new way to face our daily lives.

Eternal holiday mode is now ON! 😉 


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  1. Bia says:

    Amiga adorei, super motivational. Will apply it to my life as wel!
    All the best with the blog 😘

    Liked by 1 person

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